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We're 3 dudes who seriously dig drinkable wines...

Made in Melbourne, Mobo Vino specialises in small batch, handcrafted minimal intervention wines with an unmistakeable regard for Victoria’s terroir. 

We know how much Victoria has to offer! Who doesn’t love finding a world class wine produced right here, in their own backyard - literally. 

Incorporating a mixture of experimentation and old world techniques MoBo’s fresh and vibrant wines are made from fun and shared with love.

All of the wine with none of the crap. Just locally sourced fruit, lots of TLC and a shitload of fun!

Wine the way we like it - made from fun + shared with love.

When we're not talking wine / tasting wine / making wine / or cleaning the mess we've created doing any of the above, we're probably sleeping - and dreaming about wine. Duh.

So boys, the stage is yours. Introduce yourselves.

Speed date the 3 dudes behind your new favourite drop...

The Winemaker


After a misspent youth & a failed attempt at landscape architecture at university Mo found himself pining for an adventure and that next failed challenge in his life. Spending his days drinking Red Bear pre mixes in parks and playing fifa in the garage he stumbled into a role at Winebox Warehouse (Kinda the original Vinomofo) spending his days packing mixed cases of wines from all over Australia whilst holding daily tasting sessions with customers and beginning to adapt a palate for different varieties and understanding the nuances of terroir each region represents.

After 5 years in the Hospo side of the industry, fed up with the weekend hours and wine snobs telling him they knew better he came to the realisation that if he could make the shit, then he could drink the shit… For free. After 5 years in the Hospo side of the industry, in 2010 he jumped on a plane to France for his first vintage at Domaine Levin in the Loire Valley where he spent 9 months learning traditional winemaking practices and traditional wine culture. 

He was hooked, a love was born. Two years later after working in boutique wineries all over Bordeaux, Alsace and Languedoc, he hopped on a plane to Margaret River where he spent 2 years honing his skills at Devil’s Lair. 

After another 5 years as Assistant Winemaker in the Yarra Valley, a Bachelor of Wine Science through CSU and a move to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula as winemaker at Ten Minutes by Tractor….. it was finally time. 

After an irrefutable offer to do another vintage in France, this time at Domaine des Amiel in the Languedoc, a biodynamic winery focusing on natural and minimal intervention wines, the lovechild that is MoBo Vino was born. It was this time in France that Mo learned to really understand the terroir and the subtleties of what a grape can produce on it’s own…  MoBo focuses on these same ideologies and practices making sustainable wines to love and share.

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The Sommelier


Thomas “Robbo” Robson has worked in the Melbourne Hospitality Industry for over 15 years. He loves the nostalgia of historic Melbourne Pubs & has most recently been the Manager & Sommelier of the Malvern Hotel.

When it comes to running pubs - Tom has done it all! From plumbing, painting, minor electrician work and putting out chimney fires, to decanting 60+ year old wine, breaking up fights and serving top class food. (This is just one night mind you!)

Tom has a passion for all things hand made - made with love you could say! He has a saying that “good wine is a window into someone’s life“... Come to think of it - Can always count on Bo to have a few sayings up his sleeve...

Wine is his true love and passion, his studies include completing WSET levels 1,2 and 3 and almost completing his WSET Diploma but his young Family put that on hold.

He is classically trained in the wine Industry but has developed a love for Natural and lo-fi wine, believing the simplicity, no fuss approach makes better wine.

MoBo Vino reflects all things Tom is passionate about, handmade, fun, family oriented, no fuss and most importantly delicious!

The Winelover


Tynan John is a property professional heading up the Victorian Projects division of a leading property consulting firm in Melbourne, after over 17 years delivering major projects and global events.

His passion lies in creating retail, hospitality and civic precincts for the community to congregate and experience the finer things in life.

With wine being one of these finer things, Tynan co-founded MoBo Vino for two reasons: To create colourful, no fuss and delicious wine for the community to experience, and to enjoy doing it with two life long mates.

Residing on the Mornington Peninsula with his wife, young son and border collie Chilli, he’s proud to contribute to the local community through MoBo Vino, with wine made by hand and with love in Hastings, Victoria. 

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